I love kids. Like, LOVE them. They give me an excuse to act all silly and ridiculous without wondering what the adults around me are going to think. I love taking pictures of kids, too! Even more reason to dance like a chicken, make goofy faces, and sing weird songs! Kids tend to love me too, because, well, I'm there to entertain them and make sure they have fun. I'm there to make sure the entire family has fun while getting their picture taken, including Moms & Dads. I'm sure you're more concerned with getting beautiful pictures of your sweet, adorable kids than you are about getting pictures of yourself, Moms & Dads. But you should be in the pictures, too. Don't let yourself be invisible when looking through your family photos in years to come. Your kids want pictures of you. They want pictures WITH you. I love photographing real moments, so there's no need to argue with your kids about standing perfectly still the entire time. I'll let you be silly and play and laugh with each other, and I'll be sure to capture those real squeals, giggles, and sweet loving moments. Of course, I'm also able to get those family pictures where everyone is smiling at the camera! I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for those too.

Family & Kid Sessions take place on location - either at your home or at an outdoor location of your choosing. Indoor on location sessions can be arranged as well. The session fee for Family & Kid Sessions is $150. Prints and products can be purchased a la carte. Contact me for the full price list and to schedule your session.