Oh, how I love me some squishy baby! Photographing newborns, babies, and cute momma's bumps is such an honor. Being trusted with the fleeting moments of a child's first few days, weeks, and months is something truly special, and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to capture these times in precious pictures.

Newborn pictures require a gentle touch, lots of patience, and love. My top priority is making sure Baby and Momma are comfortable and happy during the session. To ensure you have everything you might need, and are able to stay comfortable and take care of your baby and yourself, newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. I love photographing the itty bitties all on their own, and think it's equally important to capture real moments with the entire family. Weather you're snuggling in bed, playing with older siblings, nursing, or soothing your babe, these moments are great opportunities for amazing pictures.

Babies & Bellies are great fun, too! Capturing milestones and cute quirks of your baby as they grow is so important! Their baby squish needs to be documented! And bellies...oh, how we need to make sure we have pictures of our sweet bellies that we feel good about! Pregnancy ain't all rainbows and butterflies, so having some great pictures of yourself at 36 weeks pregnant, on a day where you were able to shower and brush your hair, is priceless! And if you've got older kiddos, it's just as important to get some pictures of them before the baby comes as well! Babies and Bellies sessions take place on location - either at your home or at an outdoor location of your choosing. Indoor on location sessions can be arranged as well.

The session fee for Newborns, Babies, & Bellies sessions is $150. Prints and products can be purchased a la carte. Contact me for the full price list and to schedule your session.